Tournament Note

There is a one time online gate fee for this event.

* The tournament pass covers all games, at all fields, for the duration of the event. If you wish to pay with a card you must do it online through the QR code at the gate.


* The daily or weekend pass must be purchased on the day of use. Please show the receipt of purchase to the gate attendant along with a photo ID.


Sunflower Seed and Metal Cleat Policy

Any games played on turf fields are must follow these rules:

• Absolutely no sunflower seeds or gum will be present or consumed at any point on the premises. Site directors will confiscate any seeds or gum detected and have the right to escort you off the premises at any point if rule is broken.
• No METAL SPIKES will be worn at any time.

Any coach, player or persons are now subject to ejection and must pay a $500 cash fine on the spot if these rules are not abided by, if the cash fine is not presented immediately it could result in a forfeit loss.


University of Louisville - The Mid-South All Prospect Select

Jun 24 - 27, 2021
Louisville, KY
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KBC 15U Blue
Storm Club
Silver Champion
KBC 15U Blue - 9
B5 - Sun 6/27 3:45PM University of Louisville
KBC 15U Prime - 7
5 Star 15U Gullett - 5
B3 - Sun 6/27 9:00AM Eastern High School
Force Ohio Kampman - 6
Rawlings SE M.A.D Mavericks - 6
B4 - Sun 6/27 9:00AM Spalding Unviersity
5 Star Midwest 15U Moeves - 4
Force Ohio Kampman - 0
B6 - Sun 6/27 1:30PM University of Louisville
Rawlings SE M.A.D Mavericks - 6
KBC 15U Prime - 9
B2 - Sun 6/27 11:15AM Eastern High School
BB Young Guns 15U - 0
KBC 15U Blue - 12
B7 - Sun 6/27 6:00PM University of Louisville
Rawlings SE M.A.D Mavericks - 8
KBC 15U Blue - 4
B1 - Sun 6/27 11:15AM Spalding Unviersity
JCards - 3
Blues 15 Prime - 0
B8 - Sun 6/27 9:00AM St. Matthews
BC Athletics Middle TN - 9
Canes Kentucky Barte - 5
B9 - Sun 6/27 11:15AM St. Matthews
Flash Baseball - 7
BC Athletics Middle TN - 1
B10 - Sun 6/27 1:30PM St. Matthews
Storm Club - 5
Flash Baseball - 6
B11 - Sun 6/27 3:45PM St. Matthews
Midwest Astros Sullivan 15U - 4
Storm Club - 10
B12 - Sun 6/27 6:00PM St. Matthews
Flash Baseball - 9