Tournament Note

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Legacy Softball Friday Night League Rules
Coaches must pay$20 cash to umpire at pregame meeting. No exceptions.
70 Minute Drop Dead-if the inning is incomplete score will revert back unless the home team is up to bat and is ahead when time expires. Do Not Finish the batter! Games must start and stop on Time! Late Start Games end at the Same time. No additional time will be put on the Large Time Clock for late starts.

3 pitches for first inning. One pitch after first inning.

Mercy Rule-12 in 3rd, 10 in 4th, 8 in 5th

Unlimited substitutions

Hits ceiling-Foul Ball

NFHS Rules in place.

Teams may play with 8 players. Player may exit game at any time for an injury without penalty.
12U/14U/HS Infield fly rule applies unless it hits ceiling-foul ball if it hits ceiling. 10U will not use infield fly rule.

MAX RUN Limit per inning is 6 for ALL AGE GROUPS. This is to try to get all teams offensive and defensive experiences this winter. Be kind to each other.

Homerun ruling is an umpires discretion. Make sure your players get a homerun bracelet from the supervisor on duty!

Stealing, Delayed Steals
HS/14U/12U -Stealing on passed ball and Delayed Steals are allowed at every base in 12U,14U, and HS.

10U- Stealing home on passed ball and Delayed Stealing home are NOT Permitted at 10U.
If a catcher or pitcher makes an attempt to pick off a runner at 3rd base leading off, the runner is allowed to steal home. If a catcher overthrows the pitcher the runner is allowed to steal home.
10U is ALLOWED to steal and delayed steal at 2nd and 3rd bases.

5 minutes left in the game-NO TIME OUTS allowed. Pitcher change is allowed but only one practice pitch is allowed within 5 minutes of game ending.

Hustle- After outs happen on field we do not want teams huddling on mound-please have them hustle in and out of the entire game to maximize play.

Facility Use Standards and Expectations for our League

ALL PLAYERS/COACHES/SPECTATORS will be sent up the stairs beyond the concessions stand. Coaches and players will ENTER AND EXIT the fields by walking up/down through the bleachers.
EXCEPTIONS: Coaches with large equipment bags/wagons and catchers with gear will be allowed to enter at the field. EVERYONE else must enter and exit through the bleachers.
Home/Away team designation – This is listed on the Tourney Machine schedule when it’s viewed on a computer. If you are looking at the app, the AWAY team is listed first, the HOME team is listed second.
We have a very limited amount of time scheduled between games. At the conclusion of your game, please clear the field and your bench area as quickly as possible to allow the next teams to come in. DO NOT hold a team meeting on the field after the game. If you would like to address your team, please do so in the bleachers or in one of the mezzanines after your game.
All game scores will be changed to only allow a 7 run differential. So if your final score was 13-1 it will now say 8-1. If your team forfeited for any other reason the score it will read a 0-7 loss.
Playoff brackets will be communicated later in the season.
In the Baseball/Softball Training Center, Please DO NOT tie the netting that divides the cages on the sides to the netting at the back of the cage. This can damage the netting. Netting can be pulled further to divide cages. We appreciate your cooperation.
REPORTING SCORES: Umpires will fill out scorecards and hand them in to the supervisor after games.
Rosters will be LOCKED as of 2/24. NO ADDITIONAL PLAYERS can be added to your roster after 2/24. If a team is eliminated from our bracket play- A PLAYER MAY NOT PLAY WITH ANOTHER TEAM AFTER HER ELIMINATION. Double rostering is not allowed and if appeals are made the player may cause the team to forfeit or the player will be counted as an out every time she is up to bat. If you have any players that may have played/subbed with other teams, please check that they aren’t rostered with that other team. They should only be rostered in one spot.

-All teams will be scheduled for a warm-up time prior to their game. In general, these warm-up times range from 30-55mins based on where/when your team is scheduled to play.

ABSOLUTELY NO TEAMS are permitted to enter the DOME until 7:10PM. We have a large youth flag football program on the field until that time, and we need to allow our staff time to change-over the field set-up and let those participants/spectators exit the facility.
ALL teams scheduled for the 7:40P game will warm-up on Dome field 1 until flag football finishes and clears their field. At that point, teams scheduled on DOME 2 can shift over.
DO NOT warm-up right by the entrance of the dome (we need to allow for safe passage in and out of the facility).
Teams scheduled on Dome 1 & 2 will warm-up in the designated area beyond the outfield fence of their game field prior to each game.
ALL pitchers and catchers will warm-up in the designated area to the south-end of the DOME adjacent to the trampoline. NO SPECTATORS ARE ALLOWED IN THIS AREA AT ANY TIME.
OFF LIMITS – ALL Weight equipment and Trampolines
Please be hyper-aware of where/how your team is warming-up in relation to your spectators. Make adjustments if needed to avoid any possible injuries.
Teams scheduled for the 5:45p games will warm-up on their game field.
ONLY players and coaches are allowed in the training center/cages.


Legacy Friday Night Winter Softball League

Nov 11, 2022 - Apr 8, 2023
Brighton, MI
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Pool Standings

Pool A
Team W L
Inter-Lakes Pride 9u Myers (White Lake, MI) 7 5
Inter-Lakes Pride 9u Barwig (South Lyon, MI) 8 4
ICE 9u (Otisville, MI) 10 3
Finesse 8u Barbour (Shelby, MI) 5 6
Edge 9U (Lake Orion, MI) 4 9
Hurricanes Fastpitch 10U (Dexter, MI) 2 9