Tournament Note

Rules are located in the documents section of tourney machine.
Please remember to be respectful to our referees and our facilities this weekend. If you have any questions regarding the tournament this weekend, please stop and chat with our tournament director Brian or Phil. Both will be onsite both days. Have a great tournament and good luck.

Team Listed 1st or on Top is the "Home" Team(Light Color Uniform)
Team Listed 2nd or on Bottom is the "Away" Team(Dark Color Uniform)

Ignit Tournament Rules
1. High School Rules
· IHSAA and IGHSAU will be used except as noted below
2. Basketball and Hoop Height
· The 28.5" Basketball will be used in ALL Divisions.
· All other divisions will be 10 foot (3rd boys, 4th-8th Boys and Girls)
3. Game Times
· K-3rd Boys and Girls will be divided into two-18 minute half
· 4th-8th Boys and Girls will be divided into two-20-minute half
· All games will be played with a running clock and have a 2 minute halftime.
· Clock will stop for each dead ball situation with 2 minute left in the 2nd half & only with a 10-point lead
or less. Otherwise the clock will continue to run.
. Boys and girls games will start with a jump ball with alternate possessions following.
4. Overtime
· If the score is tied at the end of regulation
· 1 min stopped clock
. In the event of double overtime it becomes 1
st to score
· Each team will be allowed one timeout in overtime. No Carryover from the game.
5. Time-outs
· Each team will be allowed 3, one-minute timeouts per game. No carryover into overtime.
6. 3-point field goals
· 3-point field goals will be allowed in all grade divisions for both girls & boys.
7. Fouls and Free Throws
Entire Game –Straight Rules
· After the 7th TEAM foul has been committed in both halves, we will shoot one and one.
· After the 10th team foul two bonus shots will be given worth 1 point each.
Additional Rules
· The free throw line for K-3rd Boys and girls are allowed to jump over the line.
· All other divisions will shoot from the regular distance
8. Full court pressing and Zone defense
· K-3
rd(or any division that has 3rd grade involved) Grade Boys and Girls will NOT be able to press or play
any type of zone defense!
· In the K-3rd Boys and Girls divisions, Man to man defense will be enforced at all times. A warning will
be issued and then an illegal defense technical will be called. This will result in two free throws worth 1
point each and possession of the ball.
· 4th-8th Grade Boys and Girls may play any type of defense or press at any time during the game.
· Full court press is NOT allowed when a team is leading by 20 (or more) points.
9. Coaches
· Only Team Players and a maximum of 2 Coaches will be allowed to sit on the bench during games. All
other individuals must sit in the stands.
· Coaches will be allowed to stand only to motivate and coach the players in a positive manner!
If an official asks you to sit down you must comply! Failure to do so will result in an immediate technical
10. Technical Fouls-Tournament Weekend Rules
· First Technical = Warning.
· Second Technical = Immediate removal from the game and facility for the rest of the day.
· Third Technical = Individual will be banned from Ignit Tournaments for the remainder of the current
· This is not per game but per tournament
11. Home Team
· Home team is listed first on Tourney Machine Schedule and will wear light colored uniform.
12. Game Balls
· Home team will provide game ball to be used for the scheduled games only.
13. Scorekeepers
· Home and Away teams are responsible for providing 1 person to run the table. If a team doesn’t
provide someone it can lead to a team foriet.
14. Rosters
. Players are allowed to play up in a division but not able to play down from their own grade. (4th grade
can play 4th grade or any grade up.)
. In the event of a mixed division(2 grades combined) teams can not pull players from a different team to
play in a lower division even if they are the same age group due to having a lower grade in that division.
If a team violates this rule it can lead to the player and team being removed from the tournament.
14. Site Director has final Call on any disputes

Please contact the Tournament Director with any scheduling restrictions at time of registration.
Example: The Same coach has multiple teams.

7th Grade Boys

Ignit Iowa Classic

Feb 18 - 19, 2023
Grimes, IA
SportsEngine Tourney

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Pool Standings

Pool A
Team W L
Ignit 7th Black 2 0 11 71 0
Omega Elite 1 1 9 56 10
Ankeny FLASH- Koppin 1 1 32 85 0
Ignit 7th Blue 1 1 -3 58 -10
RAW 7th 0 2 -49 104 0


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Saturday, February 18, 2023
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P5 12:00 PM Ignit Sports & Fitness - Court 1 Ignit 7th Blue
29 22 RAW 7th
P1 1:00 PM Ignit Sports & Fitness - Court 1 Ankeny FLASH- Koppin
42 52 Ignit 7th Black
P2 2:00 PM Ignit Sports & Fitness - Court 1 Ignit 7th Blue
26 36 Omega Elite
P3 4:00 PM Ignit Sports & Fitness - Court 4 RAW 7th
33 75 Ankeny FLASH- Koppin
P4 4:00 PM Ignit Sports & Fitness - Court 1 Ignit 7th Black
30 29 Omega Elite
Sunday, February 19, 2023
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B1 1:00 PM Ignit Sports & Fitness - Court 4 [4] Ignit 7th Blue
48 15 [5] RAW 7th
B2 2:00 PM Ignit Sports & Fitness - Court 2 [2] Omega Elite
40 38 [3] Ankeny FLASH- Koppin
B3 2:00 PM Ignit Sports & Fitness - Court 3 [1] Ignit 7th Black
52 40 [4] Ignit 7th Blue
B4 3:00 PM Ignit Sports & Fitness - Court 1 [1] Ignit 7th Black
32 22 [2] Omega Elite


[1] Ignit 7th Black
[1] Ignit 7th Black - 32
B4 - Sun 2/19 3:00PM Ignit Sports & Fitness - Court 1
[2] Omega Elite - 22
[2] Omega Elite - 40
B2 - Sun 2/19 2:00PM Ignit Sports & Fitness - Court 2
[3] Ankeny FLASH- Koppin - 38
[1] Ignit 7th Black - 52
B3 - Sun 2/19 2:00PM Ignit Sports & Fitness - Court 3
[4] Ignit 7th Blue - 40
[4] Ignit 7th Blue - 48
B1 - Sun 2/19 1:00PM Ignit Sports & Fitness - Court 4
[5] RAW 7th - 15