Tournament Note

- 5 years and older $5 per day
- Pella Pass $35 (Good for the OSA Fall Pella League duration)

Important Information:


PRE-K – 8th Grade Boys and Girls (Registration Deadline: September 22nd)

Pre-K / Kindergarten Co-Ed League
- Cost: $450/team
- Dates: October 28 – December 9 (Saturdays from 8am - 1pm)
- Note: 6 weeks of games - Games consist of five 8-minute periods, and the 4 v 4 format allows for increased ball handling, passing, and shooting opportunities. Scores are not kept at the PreK/K grade level.

1st / 2nd Grade Boys & Girls:
- $585/team
- Dates: October 28 – December 10
- Note: Teams are guaranteed eight 5 on 5 games

3rd / 8th Grade Boys & Girls:
- Cost: $650/team
- Dates: October 14 – December 17

New Tournament Format – December 15-17: All 3rd-8th boys and girls teams playing in the OSA Pella Basketball League – Fall 2023 will have a 3 game guarantee league tournament on December 15-17, 2023. No more weekends where teams are concerned that they will only play 1 or 2 games in the league tournament. Also involved in the league tournament will be all teams from the Supreme Basketball league in Lincoln. Please note that 100% of regular season games in the OSA Pella Basketball League will be played in the Omaha metro area (we are combining with Supreme Basketball for the tournament only and NOT any regular season games). This joint event will provide the following:
- Like-skilled competition - No more 1 seed games vs 8 seed games in the first round as the top 2-4 teams in Omaha will be bracketed with the top 2-4 teams from Lincoln. This should provide a very competitive environment for this tournament.
- Limited Re-Matches – With the format there will still be some rematches that occur but no longer should those league re-matches occur three times on the same weekend. New competition will lead to a more fun/competitive atmosphere for all teams.
- Largest Tournament in the Midwest / State Championship action: By combining the two leagues, this event will be expected to feature between 800-900 teams playing for a true state championship for boys and girls programs in Nebraska. As a result of the sheer size of this event, the tournament will feature the majority of games being played in Omaha but there will also be some divisions played in Lincoln.

Tournament Discount: All teams registering for the OSA Pella Basketball League – Fall 2023 will receive entry into the OSA Thanksgiving Classic for $100/team (Promo Code: PELLA)

No OSA Pella League games over Thanksgiving weekend due to the OSA Thanksgiving Classic

Multi-Team Discount:
- 5 Teams - $20 off per team (Promo Code: 5PLUS)
- 10 Teams - $40 off per team (Promo Code: 10PLUS)
- 20 Teams - $60 off per team (Promo Code: 20PLUS)
- Early Bird - $25 Off Per Team if registered before Labor Day (Promo Code: EARLYBIRD). Please note that Early Bird discounts are not available with multiple team discounts

6th - Boys

OSA Pella Youth Basketball League - Fall 2023

Oct 14 - Dec 17, 2023
Bellevue, NE • Elkhorn, NE
SportsEngine Tourney

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No Bracket Games for this Division