Tournament Note

Impact Baseball welcomes teams to the 2022 Scaremare Classic!

For weather related updates, you can check online with the Tourney Machine or the Impact Baseball websites; for text: 434-425-1618.

In order to expedite the gate process, we ask that team fans pre-purchase tickets at:
Additional cashless and cash options will be available


Scaremare Classic

Oct 29 - 30, 2022
Altavista, VA • Farmville, VA • Lynchburg, VA

Pool Standings


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Saturday, October 29, 2022
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P12 8:00 AM Altavista High School Snyder Bucks 17u
Dirtbags 18u Storm
P16 10:15 AM Altavista High School Mid Atlantic Orioles 18u
Snyder Bucks 17u
P1 12:30 PM HillCats Dirtbags 18u Platinum
MPH 101 Hoy
P11 12:30 PM Altavista High School 5 Star Mid Atlantic National 17u
Mid Atlantic Orioles 18u
P8 2:45 PM HillCats USA Prime- Knight
Mid Atlantic Orioles 17u
P15 2:45 PM Altavista High School Warriors
Virginia Spiders 17u
P9 5:00 PM Liberty University MPH 101 Hoy
USA Prime- Knight
Sunday, October 30, 2022
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P13 8:00 AM Liberty University Virginia Spiders 17u
5 Star Mid Atlantic National 17u
P2 10:15 AM HillCats Dirtbags 18u Platinum
P18 10:15 AM Hampden-Sydney Dirtbags 18u Storm
MPH 101 Hoy
P7 12:30 PM Liberty University Mid Atlantic Orioles 17u
P17 12:30 PM HillCats Virginia Spiders 17u
Snyder Bucks 17u
P19 12:30 PM Hampden-Sydney 5 Star Mid Atlantic National 17u
USA Prime- Knight
P3 2:45 PM HillCats Mid Atlantic Orioles 17u
Dirtbags 18u Platinum
P14 2:45 PM Hampden-Sydney Dirtbags 18u Storm
Mid Atlantic Orioles 18u


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