Tournament Note

USA Softball Black Widows Father's Day Slammer

Open Divisions: 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U

3 Games pool play, Single Elimination Tournament. Bat the roster & free substitution

Location: EMERICK SPORTS COMPLEX, Wood River, Illinois. NO GATE FEES

Championship Games: First and Second place teams in each age division will receive individual awards.

Registration: 8U $375, 10U-18U $475

Payment Expectations:
Payment due 3 weeks prior to event. Once deadline has passed, team will be placed on the waitlist.
Withdraw from tournament 7 days before the tournament FULL refund.
Withdraw after the schedule has been posted Entry Fee less $250

Make Checks payable to:
Black Widows Softball Association
PO Box 131
Glen Carbon, Illinois 62034
The tournament directors reserve the right to change the tournament format, time limits, or other aspects so that the tournament may be completed. Teams will be refunded money according to the refund schedule for any games lost due to format changes because of weather or any other unforeseen circumstance.

USA rules- Playing rules will be in accordance with USA rules: All divisions will be playing regular softball (dropped 3rd strike, stealing home, home on pass balls, etc.).
NOTE: Normal Modified 8U tournament Rules will be in affect.
Game times – There is NO grace period for game times. Teams must be ready to begin play at 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game time. Games will be scheduled every 85 minutes.
Time Limits – In pool play and elimination rounds, the time limits are 1 hour and 15 minutes with no new innings will start after 70 minutes. Game times for all games start at the conclusion of the ground rule conference at home plate. A new inning starts when the last out was made the previous inning. Time limit for Championship games will be 1 hour 30 minutes.
Pool Play – Games may end in a tie. After pool play, each team will be seeded in their respective age bracket. If two or more teams have identical won/loss records, the following tie-breakers will apply:
1. The team that won in the head-to-head game(s) with the other tied team(s).
2. The least amount of runs allowed by each team tied during all pool play games.
3. The amount of runs each team scored.
4. The highest total differential score (max +/- 8) by each team tied during all pool play games.
5. Toss of a coin among tied teams following pool play.
Elimination Games – A winner must be determined. If the score is tied after seven innings or after 1 hour and 10 minutes has expired and the inning is completed, at the start of the next inning the offensive team shall begin its turn at bat with the player who completed the last “at bat” in the previous inning placed as a runner on second base (“International tie breaker”).
Championship Games – The final game for each age division will have a 90 minute time limit. Seven innings will be played unless weather, time limit, or other causes necessitate a change. If the score is tied after seven innings or time has expired, the runner starting on second base as described in the elimination games will apply.
Team Rosters – Copy of team Rosters will should be provided at check-in
Insurance / Proof of Age – All teams should have proof of liability insurance. Each manager must have and show proof of players’ ages at any time if asked to do so.
Run Rule Limits – Twelve runs after 3 innings, ten runs after four innings, or eight runs after five innings, will be in affect in all games including the Championship game.
Batting Order – Teams have the option to bat roster/free sub or play by USA championship rules – “play nine/bat nine” – with the DP/FLEX option.
Protests – will be considered for eligibility protests only. A protest fee of $100 cash must be posted at the time of protest. The fee will be returned if the protest is allowed. Protests will not be accepted on an umpire’s judgment call. All umpire rulings are final.
Catcher - Pitcher/ Runner – USA rules apply – a team may use a courtesy runner for the pitcher and/or catcher any time they are on base. This is an extra player if batting only nine. For teams batting roster, the courtesy runner is the last player to make an out. If that player is a pitcher and/or catcher, go back to the next previous player to make an out.
Minimum Number of Players – Eight players are necessary to start a game. Seven players are necessary to complete a game. Automatic outs will count for any vacant positions in the batting order if there are no substitutions or if a team is playing with fewer than 9 players.
Refund Schedule – There will be no refunds unless a team can not play due to weather or field conditions. $50 will be retained for non refundable merchandise and administration costs


USA Softball Black Widows Father's Day Slammer

Jun 16 - 18, 2023



The tournament director has not released the schedule for this division yet.