Tournament Note

Team Check-in

All Teams (Coaches only) MUST check-in 1 hour prior to the first game. Teams will need the following items at check-in and will need to have access to until the event concludes:

Complete and print Roster
Teams will receive 2 coaching bands per team.
Coach's name must be on the team roster to receive band.
Coaching bands are to be worn the entire weekend.
Teams that fail to check-in will not be allowed to participate.

Teams will ONLY be allowed to check-in at the Locations listed below:
Gym Locations
17U-13U Check-in: Maret School, 3000 Cathedral Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008
12U-9U Check-in: Hoops Plus, 45496 Ruritan Circle, Sterling, VA 20164

15U Boys

BIG SHOTS DC TEAM DURANT (Washington, DC | 17U-8U)

Apr 1 - 2, 2017
Sterling, VA • Washington, DC
SportsEngine Tourney

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Triad Elite Ballerz- Blue (0 - 4)
15U Boys


Saturday, April 01, 2017
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P3 12:00 PM Maret School - Ct 1 Triad Elite Ballerz- Blue
43 57 Team Durant
P4 1:00 PM Maret School - Ct 2 Triad Elite Ballerz- Blue
40 46 Fayetteville Spurs
P5 8:00 PM Maret School - Ct 2 Hardknocks (15U)
29 27 Triad Elite Ballerz- Blue
Sunday, April 02, 2017
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B1 1:00 PM Maret School - Ct 2 Fayetteville Spurs
50 48 Triad Elite Ballerz- Blue