Tournament Note

Bathrooms: Casey Stadium (football stadium) Bathrooms will be open all day on Sunday. These are great bathrooms and we suggest you use them. We will also have a few porta Johns by field 2.

Parking: Please be aware that if you park on any grass campus police will 100% ticket you. Not our rules. That said there is plenty of parking lots on campus. We will also have people on golf carts bringing people from parking lots to fields as much as we can.

Thanks for choosing Capital Clash this year and we look forward to a great day!


Capital Clash 2018 @ U Albany (Boys HS)

Nov 11, 2018
Albany, NY
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3d Upstate 2022 White (2 - 1)


Sunday, November 11, 2018
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P13 10:15 AM University at Albany - Field 09 Cape Cod Kings 2022
4 3 3d Upstate 2022 White
P8 11:45 AM University at Albany - Field 10 3d Upstate 2022 White
6 2 Team 91 Tristate 2022 Launch
P3 2:45 PM University at Albany - Field 10 HGR 2022 GREEN
0 8 3d Upstate 2022 White