Tournament Note

Welcome to Hoop Dreams Nation! We believe in providing opportunities for every child to find their moment, on and off the court. Check us out at!

Below is the schedule for the Hoop Dreams Nation tournament, "March Mayhem" in Colorado Springs, Co on March 15, 2020, along with important information.

---COACH CHECK IN: Upon arrival at the gym, coaches should check in to receive their wrist bands, sign their code of conduct, double check their scorekeeper's name, and pick up a copy of the rules. Your OFFICIAL ROSTER is the roster you list for your very first game of the tournament, which is marked as the official roster. Be sure to include players who may play later on, but not during the first game.

Adult: $9; Student/Children >4 & Senior Citizens (65 and up): $4

Each team needs to provide 1 score keeper for each game who will either do the book or the clock. NEW POLICY: Scorekeepers get in for free! Speak with your coach about this policy!

If you are playing the first game of the day at any location, the gym will not open until 30 minutes before game time. Please inform your parents and players that they will not be allowed in the gym until 30 minutes before the first game of the day.

---PROOF OF GRADE: We are a GRADE-BASED organization, so coaches should have proof of grade for each player on hand (on their phone or in their bag), in case their team is chosen for a random grade check.

---BASIC TOURNAMENT RULES: See under "Documents"

---STRICT CODE OF CONDUCT FOR ALL: See under "Documents"
*If a parent is asked to leave the facility for inappropriate behavior, their child is required to leave with them.*

Disruptive, rude, unsafe, or threatening behavior towards officials, staff, other fans, players, & coaches will not be tolerated. Display good sportsmanship & set a good example for all.

PENALTY for violating the Coach, Player, and Spectator Code of Conduct:
Any violation of the above Code of Conduct may result in a temporary or permanent banishment from any Hoop Dreams Nation events.

Girls 5th/6th Grade

Hoop Dreams Nation: "March Mayhem" (South)

Mar 15, 2020
Colorado Springs, CO
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Hoehne 5/6G (0 - 0)
Girls 5th/6th Grade


Sunday, March 15, 2020
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P2 11:00 AM Wasson High School - Court 1 Hoehne 5/6G
Monument Mayhem G6
P3 2:00 PM Wasson High School - Court 1 TBA G5/6
Hoehne 5/6G
P6 4:00 PM Wasson High School - Court 2 HAVOC STORM
Hoehne 5/6G