Tournament Note

For a the list of teams that need to register for the 2020 season please check the info link on this page. Teams that need to register will not be allowed to begin their first game until the registration is created.

16 and Under Open (South Bay)

Summer Heat 2019

Aug 23 - 25, 2019
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Paradigm Sport 16U (4 - 0)
16 and Under Open (South Bay)


Saturday, August 24, 2019
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P4 3:00 PM PAL Stadium - Baseball Sirious 16U-Navy
0 12 Paradigm Sport 16U
P7 7:30 PM PAL Stadium - Baseball Paradigm Sport 16U
10 2 Living Legends 16u White
Sunday, August 25, 2019
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B10 10:15 AM American High School [1] Paradigm Sport 16U
5 0 [2] CCB Elite Black
B12 2:45 PM American High School [1] BelMateo Giants
0 5 [1] Paradigm Sport 16U


# Athlete
Jack Buell
Alex Kronisch
Matthew Morrison
Ethan Neuner
Dylan Orgish
Jacob Pappas
Jackson Parmenter
Kai Price
Brady Spencer
Jack Spinelli
Johann Brooks
Matthew Blanke
Rowan Zeszut
Oscar Knapp
10 Lucas Barnes
24 Aden Rich