Tournament Note

The team with the best record will earn the division championship.

If two teams tie for first place, the result of their head-to-head game will serve as the tiebreaker.

If three teams tie for first place and they each went 1-1 against each other, they will be named co-champions.

Boys HS D1

Best of Texas

Dec 12 - 13, 2020
Cypress, TX
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Booth Indians (2 - 1)
Boys HS D1


Sunday, December 13, 2020
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P3 10:30 AM Cy-Fair Sports Complex - Field 5 Memorial Varsity
4 7 Booth Indians
P6 12:10 PM Cy-Fair Sports Complex - Field 5 Team 91 Texas Varsity
6 7 Booth Indians
P8 1:50 PM Cy-Fair Sports Complex - Field 4 Booth Indians
6 7 Nation United-Texas