Tournament Note


Support: Cheering for your team is encouraged. Support the kids! Negative comments from stands will result in removal from the gym and possibly the tournament.
Referees: Referees will call the games to the best of their ability. Confrontation with an official will result in removal from the gym and possibly the tournament. They are in charge of the game action!
Profanity: Use of profanity will not be tolerated towards anyone. If you have questions, there will be people to talk to but no one, from players, refs, supervisors, table workers or other fans shall be spoken to in a profane manner.
Court: No one besides players, officials, and coaches are allowed to be on the court at any time during a game. Rushing onto the court will result in immediate removal from the gym and possibly from the tournament. In addition, baseline areas are to be kept from spectators.
Post Game: Any confrontation after a game is complete will be considered an extension of the game and can also result in removal from the entire tournament and can result in forfeits. Please leave the gyms without talking to officials, supervisors, or the other teams. Shake hands at end of game but no negative comments.
Pre Game: Fans are not to be on the court. Players are not to shoot during timeouts and such.
Fighting: Any punches thrown results in automatic removal for the remainder of the tournament.

Please don’t allow acting inappropriately to affect the participation of your athletes. We ask that all teams support each other and keep sportsmanship a priority. Head coaches are directly responsible for the actions of your coaching staff, players, and parents.

Grounds for disqualification include, but are not limited to: Non-compliance of MAYB rules, fighting, acting inappropriately towards officials and/or tournament supervisors, excessive profanity, taunting, or causing damage to facilities.

We ask that all teams arrive no more than 20 minutes before their game time and leave the facilities soon after games. Please have team meetings after and before games outside of the facilities if possible. Again, this is to help with reductions of larger gatherings of people.

VENUES: All venue addresses can be found within the PLACES tab of your online schedule.

RULES: Tournament rules can be found within the DOCUMENTS tab of your online schedule. All divisions will be played on 10ft goals.

ROSTERS: A link was sent to all coaches/organization heads to complete your online rosters. This needs to be done by Thursday at noon.

Adult Weekend Wristband = $20 and Adult Day Pass = $12
Student Weekend Wristband = $10 and Student Day Pass = $6
Kids 5 and under = Free
Wristbands must be worn upon re-entry.

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4th Grade Girls

MAYB Summer Kickoff Wichita, KS June 11-13

Jun 11 - 13, 2021
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OK - OK Swarm (3 - 3)
4th Grade Girls


Friday, June 11, 2021
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P2 7:20 PM WSU Heskett Center - Court 1 OK - OK Swarm
15 14 MO- Della Lamb 10U
P13 9:30 PM Andover Farha - Court 09 OK- Lady Showtime 2029
20 19 OK - OK Swarm
Saturday, June 12, 2021
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P26 11:15 AM Andover Farha - Court 09 KS- Kansas United 2029
39 6 OK - OK Swarm
B39 6:50 PM Andover Farha - Court 12 [3] OK - OK Swarm
20 14 [1] KS - Wichita Express 2029 Evans
Sunday, June 13, 2021
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B43 9:05 AM Andover Farha - Court 11 [3] OK - OK Swarm
19 16 [3] OK - Lady BeastMode
B45 1:25 PM Andover Farha - Court 11 [3] OK - OK Swarm
13 18 [3] MO- Columbia Supreme


# Athlete
3 Rylin Reed
6 Bayley Savage
8 Karia Hansen
12 Lily Connor
14 Tinley Meier
23 Fiona Cannon
33 Avery Butler
40 Kimber McDaniel
91 Temple Bridwell