Tournament Note

Just a few housekeeping?items as we get ready for the tournament:
Review the rules of the tournament that are linked to the tourney machine app under documents, and each score table will have a copy
Your team is guaranteed?a minimum?of 5 games.?
If you are unable to find all your games, please review the bracket if one is present.??
All scores and brackets will be listed on Tourney Machine.?
No scores or brackets displayed will be displayed at the locations.?
Tourney Machine App is available via Google Play or Apple iTunes Store
Please be at your location 15 minutes prior to game time.

WEEKEND PASS:? $25.00 per adult, $20.00 for students (K-12)
FRIDAY:? $10.00 per adult, $8.00 for students (K-12)
SATURDAY:? $10.00 per adult, $8.00 for students (K-12)
SUNDAY:? $10.00 per adult, $8.00 for students (K-12)
(K-12)Under K is free?

AIR MADNESS -???310 Industrial Rd, Harrisburg, SD 57032
AVERA SPORTS CENTER -?209 W Anchor Ln, Sioux Falls, SD 57108?
BARTLETT BASKETBALL -?601 W 43rd St, Sioux Falls, SD 57105
HARRISBURG HIGH SCHOOL -?1300 Willow St, Harrisburg, SD 57032
HARRISBURG NORTH MIDDLE SCHOOL -?2201 W 95th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57108
HARRISBURG SOUTH MIDDLE SCHOOL -?600 Cliff Ave, Harrisburg, SD 57032
VENOM EVENTS CENTER -??27083 Katie Rd, Tea, SD 57064
During games, the only occupants in the gym are the players, coaches, and spectators for the teams that are playing.??
The Home team of each game must provide a Time Keeper. Scorekeepers may be supplied by the tournament when possible.
Concessions would consist of pre-packaged food and drink only.??

All player's parents must sign a waiver that states that all sponsoring organizations?are not responsible for accidents and contracting viruses.
Post-Game team meetings will occur outside of the venue.??

It is suggested that spectators bring exact change for admission fees.
Spectators will need to?bring their own chairs as space will be limited and?SEATING?WILL NOT?BE SUPPLIED
By attending this event, you are attending AT YOUR OWN RISK

12U Boys A

BATTLE AT THE FALLS Session 1 - June 25th - 27th, 2021

Jun 25 - 27, 2021
Harrisburg, SD • Sioux Falls, SD • Tea,, SD
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Fremont 6th (2 - 3)
12U Boys A


Saturday, June 26, 2021
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P3 10:00 AM Harrisburg South Middle School - Court 2 12U Sacred Hoops - Dominovic
32 35 Fremont 6th
P8 12:00 PM Harrisburg South Middle School - Court 2 Fremont 6th
40 28 12U Sacred Hoops - Hay
Sunday, June 27, 2021
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P10 8:00 AM Harrisburg North Middle School - Court 2 Norfolk D-League 6th
29 22 Fremont 6th
P14 11:00 AM South Dakota Network - Court 1 Arena Vander Schaaf
43 32 Fremont 6th
P6 1:00 PM South Dakota Network - Court 1 BBA Airborne Force Habtemariam
63 35 Fremont 6th


# Athlete
1 Trent Mlnarik
2 Mason Mohs
3 Boston Bojanski
4 Hunter Doggett
5 Owen Ladehoff
10 Flynn Fickbohm
11 Trey Mooney
12 Chase Luther
13 Samuel Hass