Tournament Note

The schedule is now 100% FINAL.

Scores will be updated directly in the Tourney Machine app for updating results and brackets. If we make a mistake, please email us so we can fix it, we apologize in advance!

Daily passes will be $23 for Adults and $15.50 for K-12th Students.
Weekend passes will be $39 and $24
Preschool and under will be free

Yes these are odd prices...that is because there are facility surcharges & processing charges that were added to our pricing

THIS IS A COMPLETELY CASHLESS facility. All ticketing and concessions will be done by Credit Card only. They do offer a free cash to card machine in the grand hallway, where you put cash in the machine, and it spits out a free debit card with the ability to use anywhere.

Scorekeepers & clock operators will be provided by tournament staff for all games at all locations so parents can just enjoy the games!


Coach/Team Check-In
8th-11th Grade Teams - check in will be available in the Grand Hallway at the gym entrance on Saturday starting at 7:30am and throughout the day. We will NOT offer Friday night check in. Every coach must check themselves in BEFORE their first game. EVERY COACH BY THEMSELVES, you will not be able to check others in. One coach will need to check in their teams players. All coaches planning on sitting on the bench will need to be NCAA certified and show up on your teams BBCS. Individual players will NOT need to check in. I do not expect this to take you more than 10-15 minutes at most, our lines will not be long except for maybe right away on Sat AM.

3rd-8th Grade Divisions - check in will occur at the front door of courts 11-16 in the Grand Hallway. This is just like any other event, no special check in for you. All coaches will sign in here. 2 coaches per team.

Home team is listed first/top on Tourney Machine and will wear light colored jerseys

Games will start ON TIME. We will NOT start games early as college coaches will want to bounce back and forth between courts.

All games will be live streamed through BeTheBeast for this event for friends and family that cannot make it to the event!

Doors to the facility will open at 7:15am on Saturday & Sunday, please do not plan to arrive any earlier!!

Thanks, travel safely and good luck this weekend!

HS Red

May Madness (Girls)

May 21 - 22, 2022
Omaha, NE
Tourney Machine

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FBC Real 2023 Lark (1 - 3)
HS Red


Saturday, May 21, 2022
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P7 9:20 AM CHI Health Center - Court 9 Kansas Elite 17U Novicoff
58 50 FBC Real 2023 Lark
P22 12:35 PM CHI Health Center - Court 10 FBC Real 2023 Lark
59 53 Playmakers 17U (Bec)
Sunday, May 22, 2022
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P67 10:25 AM CHI Health Center - Court 10 Martin Bros 11th
72 67 FBC Real 2023 Lark
P52 2:45 PM CHI Health Center - Court 10 FBC Real 2023 Lark
56 60 Team Wisconsin 17u