Tournament Note

AAU League servicing the Scottsdale/East valley/PV area, divisions from 8U to HS. Girls divisions 5/6 and 7/8th grade.
Basketball League Rules for Premier and AAU
Rules AIA High School
Ball Size 27.5 U8 28.5 3rd_ 6th grade 29.5 Boys over 7th grade
Game time 18-minute halves 5 min. warm-up 3 min. halftime
Clock stops the last 2 min. of the game if score is within 20 points
Uniforms Provided by the teams….must be consistent
Playing time Premier (each player must make an appearance in each half)
AAU coaches discretion
Overtime 3 minutes…first 2 running clock last minute is stopped clock
Each team is given 1 T.O. per Overtime
Timeouts Two T.O. per half….no carryover
Pressing Pressing is allowed until a team has a 20 point lead. The press can be
applied again if the margin drops below 20.

Technical Foul If a technical is accessed to a coach the coaches must sit for the rest
of the games. If a coach is ejected he/she must sit out the next game.
Coaches Box Only one coach may stand during the game. Coaches in the AAU are
required to have an AAU card. One warning will be issued for a
coaches box violation and subsequent violations will result in a
Late Policy A team may start a game with 4 players. If at any point, a player fouls
out or a player is injured and cannot continue the game becomes a
forfeit. If a team is ten minutes late, the game becomes a forfeit.
League play-offs Players must play in 3 games to be eligible for play-offs.

Az Club Basketball League

Dec 2, 2016 - Feb 13, 2017
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