Tournament Note

Gyms will be open 15 minutes prior to Friday night games; 30 minutes prior to Saturday & Sunday games.

Team listed FIRST will be home, wear white uniform and supply the book keeper; team listed SECOND is away, wear dark uniform and supply a clock operator.

At this time all pool placements and schedule requests have been collected and we are doing everything we can to accommodate the requests we have received. Any new requests for scheduling cannot be guaranteed at this point in time. Should there be an in error on our part we will do everything in our power to resolve it; we have worked to ensure that those who are not local to Loudoun or the Western part of Fairfax County have minimal time between games when/where possible as we understand travel time and logistics.

Coaches please check the schedule each day for any modifications or changes; all scores and standings will be updated by midnight on Saturday evening in preparation for Sunday's bracket play.

Good Luck this weekend.

6th Annual Commonwealth VA Basketball Classic 2018

May 4 - 6, 2018
SportsEngine Tourney

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