Tournament Note

Jewish Community Center
333 S. 132nd
LEAGUE DATES: Oct 14 - Dec 9, 2018
NO GAMES Thanksgiving weekend
Tier 1: $565(League + 1 hr. practice time)
Tier 2: $475 (League ONLY)

Questions? Contact:
Lynette Brannen, JCC Director of Athletics, | (402) 590-2144
Jonathan Crossley, Assistant Director of Athletics/Basketball Coordinator, | (402) 590-2141
Mason Winkler, Sports Associate / Basketball Coach, | (402) 590-2142

League Details

• All games will be played at the JCC

• 7 game guarantee (Games begin October 14)

• Boys and/or Girls Divisions (Teams may be Co-Rec)

• No game admission fees

• Games only played on Sundays

• Multiple divisions of competition (Based on registrations)

TIER 1: League Practice Time | $565

1 hour of practice time per week at the JCC. Practice time options will be given on first come basis. Practice will begin the week of Sept. 24th

TIER 2: League ONLY | $475

Overview of Structure

• GAME: The game will be played 4 vs. 4 on a full court. Players should be rotated equally.

• Teams will be given color wrist bands to help with man-to-man defense.

• BASKETBALL SIZE: 27.5 (Junior) Size Basketball

• GOAL HEIGHT: 8 feet

• COURT SIZE: Full Court

• GAME CLOCK: Games will be divided into four 8-minute quarters. Substitutions will only

be allowed at the four minute mark of each period. The clock will run continuously except

on injuries, substitutions and at the official’s discretion. Halftime length: 3 minutes.

League Rules
National Federation Rules will apply with the following exceptions:
• DEFENSE: Teams may only play man-to-man defense. No Double Teaming.
• No full court press: Once the defensive team has gained “clear possession” of the ball, the offensive team must fall back
behind half court.
• OFFICIALS: Violations enforced at official’s discretion at each level of competition.
• VIOLATIONS: The team continues to have possession of the ball after a violation or personal foul. Officials will use the
opportunity to teach the youth.
• LANE VIOLATIONS: Violations not enforced.
• TRAVELING & DOUBLE DRIBBLE: Violations called at the official’s discretion but will retain possession.
• SHOTS: FREE THROWS / FOUL SHOTS: No foul shots during the game. Each player will shoot a Free Throw at the end of
the 1st and 3rd period which will be counted towards the score. THREE POINT SHOTS: Scored as three (3) points.
• STEALS & POSSESSION VIOLATIONS: Steals permissible on passes only. Stealing off the dribble or while the ball is in clear
possession of a player is NOT permitted. This includes bumping which may result in the loss of ball control/possession.
Defensive player may “tie-up” the ball inside the "paint" after the offensive player has stopped dribbling, resulting
in a jump ball, and an alternating possession.
• FOULS: Fouls will not be recorded. If an offensive player is fouled during a shot attempt they will be awarded one point
and another possession, unless the shot is made. If the shot is made, the offensive player will be awarded the basket plus
one point. It will then be the Defenses’ possession.
• TIME-OUTS: Each team will have 1 time-out per half. None will carry over.
• OVERTIME: There will be one overtime period of 3 minutes, if needed. If the score is still tied after one overtime, the game will end in a tie.
• The official’s book will have the final say on the score.
• No more than two coaches are allowed on the bench.
• Wristbands must be worn by all players, unless agreed upon by both coaches. As needed, wristband matchup decisions will alternate between teams at each substitution. IE. Home team decides defensive matchup for the first quarter.
• Arrive early for your game and be prepared to take the court when the previous game is completed. Warm-ups between
games will be 5 minutes.
We ask that you consistently display good sportsmanship! Please understand that we are striving to provide a positive
competitive environment for growth and development in the game of basketball and in life. Coaches and officials will do their
best to help all kids learn, play competitively, and of course, have fun. We ask that spectators focus on the development of
their own team and players. The JCC, its staff, and officials, reserve the right to eject those who exhibit inappropriate behavior.
Any ejection results in suspension for a minimum of 1 weekend. Please enjoy the environment, the game of basketball, and most importantly, the kids!
Coach Conduct
ONLY the head coach can ask questions to the referees or workers at the scorer’s table. Please wait for substitutions or at the
end of quarter to discuss with referees and/or staff. We have worked to assign and train highly qualified officials for each game
played. We recognize that these games may get quite competitive, but we expect proper etiquette and display of sportsmanship from coaches AND parents/fans. The coach is inevitably responsible for the behavior of themselves, their assistants, their players and their fans.
Winter Weather Policy
If we are to cancel games, we will give two hours notice to the coaches. For example, if we are going to cancel 12:30pm games, we will make the decision and communicate it by 10:30am. The coaches will be emailed and called. You may also call the JCC membership desk at (402)334-6426 to get the most up to date information.

JCC Little Lions League Fall 2018

Oct 14 - Dec 9, 2018
Omaha, NE
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