Tournament Note

Seeding Rules
1. Win/Loss Record
2. Head to Head - if only two teams have the same record. You may be 2-1 and have beaten another 2-1 team, but they could be seeded higher than you because there could be other teams that are 2-1. If only 3 teams are 2-1 and one of the teams beat the other two teams, that team is the higher seed.
3. Runs Differential
4. Runs Allowed
5. Runs Scored
6. Coin Flip

Please make sure you follow our pitching rules.
Pitching Rules (Innings per Tournament):

9's = 6 10's = 6 11's = 6 12's = 6 13's = 7 14's = 7, 15/16's = 8

*Scorecards must be signed by both team managers to eliminate inning validation
problems. (Managers, please help with this process.)
*One additional inning per pitcher for every game played after four played games.
*No limit on the number of appearances.
*One pitch will be considered an inning pitched (includes warm-ups)

Catchers Masks - Must be one piece only.

Spring Championships 1

Mar 7 - 10, 2019
Chandler, AZ • Scottsdale, AZ
SportsEngine Tourney

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