Tournament Note

It is our intent to keep the Rules as simple and fair as possible. Umpires will be provided to ensure fair play. Have fun and enjoy the day as this event is a fundraiser for Special Olympics.
NO FOOD OR DRINK ON THE PLAYING FIELD. This includes fielders, kickers and runners.

• Teams may consist of up to twelve (12) players. Ten (10) players are allowed on field for defense in which four (4) females must be on the field at all times.
• Kicking order – Order is to include all eligible players on roster. Order is to remain same for entire game.
• Substitutions in the field are allowed at any time with a roster player.

• Games will consist of 7 innings. In the event of a tie, the game will continue until a winner is determined. ** all extra innings will be played using the modified California Rule; the last batted out on second base, the batter comes up with a 1 - 2 count with 1 out.
• If the Home team already leads the game in the bottom half of the final inning, or takes the lead in the final inning, the game is over.
• Time Limit 50 minutes: The time of game will start once the umpire calls play to begin. No inning may start after the time limit elapses.
• Mercy Rule - 15 runs after 3 innings, 12 after 4 innings.

Pitching, Catching and Fielding:
• Balls must be pitched underhand.
• Pitchers must start in designated area while releasing the ball.

• All kickers will start with a count of 1 ball & 1 strike.
• All kicks must be made by foot or leg, below the knee.
• Kicks must occur at or behind home plate.
• The ball must pass the “Bunt Line” which is located half way between home and the pitcher’s mound.
• If the ball does not pass, it is considered a bunt which is a strike.

Running and Scoring:
• Runners must stay within the baseline. Out of the baseline results in an out and will be at the discretion.
• Obstruction-Fielders must stay out of baseline. Runners hindered by fielder within baseline, not making a play, shall be safe at the base to which they were running.
• Leading off base or stealing a base is not allowed. Runners may advance once a ball is kicked. A runner leaving the base prior to the ball being kicked is out.
• Hitting a runner’s head or neck with the ball is not allowed and will be deemed safe, except if sliding or runner intentionally uses head or neck to block ball.
• Tagging-up is allowed. Runners must tag up on ball caught, fair or foul, before advancing.

• A count of three (3) strikes is an out.
• A strike is-pitched ball in strike zone, attempted kick missed or foul ball.

• A count of four (4) balls advances kicker to first base.
• In the event of a male player being walked & a female player to kick next, the kicking team has the option to allow female player to be awarded first base (all runners would advance if forced).
• A ball is – pitched ball outside strike zone, does not touch ground at least three (3) times before reaching home plate or higher than one (1) foot at the plate.
Fair and Foul Balls:
• Rules consistent with baseball & softball

• A count of three (3) outs by a team completes the team’s half of the inning.
• Out defined – Three (3) strikes, two (2) foul balls, kicked ball caught by a fielder (fair or foul), force out, runner touched by ball or touching ball while off base, kicker or runner interfering with the ball, a runner off base prior to ball being kicked, kicker not in proper kicking order, runner passes another runner, outside baseline, runner who misses a base, and runner failing to properly tag-up.

** All calls made by the umpire are final **

Kickin' For The Fences

Aug 3, 2019
Troy, IL
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