Tournament Note

Tournament Details
*Teams play 3 games(weather permitting). There are no playoff games.
*Each Team will play in front of 4 college coacher per game.
*Coaches will be in the dugouts, coaching the bases and will have received each team roster before the showcase.
*Teams will get a college stye I/O before their first game of the showcase.
*Metal or Wood Bat is allowed.
*Games will be three outs or six batters per inning in order to keep games moving and to allow as many players to be showcased for the college coaches.
* There is also a 1 hr 45 min drop dead, but finish the batter that is currently at bat.
*Flip for home and away
* For weather updates txt DeSales to 84483

DeSales University 2020-2022 Grads

Jun 15 - 16, 2019
Center Valley, PA
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