Tournament Note

Coach, We are looking forward to a great day of basketball on Saturday and Sunday. We appreciate your team playing. We do have a couple of items that we would like you to pass along to your parents before the tournament. It is vital to help follow these guidelines if we are to continue to have tournaments in Harvey County and at Hesston Schools:

- When you are not playing we ask that you leave the facility in order to allow for more space near the courts. Please stay with your team and social distance as much as possible in the areas. Once your game is over please exit the facility immediately. In the Aux gym you will exit out of the South doors of the gym. In the Main gym you will exit out of the Main entrance of the HS.
The Main entrance for teams entering the facility will be through the Auxiliary gym doors. At the MS please enter and exit on the South side of the building. The Main Entrance at the MS will not be used.

- We will allow 4 spectators per participant – please communicate with your parents before the tournament.

- Everyone must wear masks while in the facility. During the game – players, coaches and Officials will be the only people allowed to not have a mask on. Players on the bench are to wear masks and distance.

- Please arrive 15 minutes before your game time and leave immediately following your game. We ask that once your game is finished you talk with your team outside the facility. Do not stay around and watch other teams. For example – if you play at 1pm and 3pm, we still need you to leave the facility for that hour off so we can be compliant with the guidelines.

We want to continue to operate events and we need you and your parents cooperation on these items to do so.

New Update on the Rules for Feb. 13-14. We will play one overtime at 2 minutes. After the first over time it will be sudden death. Sudden death over time will start with a jump ball and first team to score wins.

MAYB Hesston Feb. 13-14

Feb 13 - 14, 2021
Hesston, KS
Tourney Machine

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