Tournament Note

COVID-19 Requirements & Guidance
Requirements for All Users:
 Masks: All Salina Fieldhouse users inside the facility must wear a
mask per City of Salina Ordinance No. 20-11034: Situations
1) Players may take off their mask while engaged in activity, but must wear
their mask while on the bench and elsewhere throughout the facility.
2) Coaches must wear their mask while coaching.
3) Officials may take off their masks while engaged in activity, but
otherwise must wear their masks.
 Temperature: Everyone entering the facility will have their temperature
taken. Temperatures of 100.4 degrees and above will not be allowed in
the facility.
 Please maintain 6’ of social distancing at all times (except for individuals
residing together). Adhere to all CDC,KDHE and Saline County Public
Health Guidelines.
 Anyone not willing to comply with the requirements outlined in this
document will be asked to leave the facility.
 Teams and Game Rituals:
Post-game sportsmanship shall be demonstrated to officials and the
opposing team with a “good game” or “thank you” and a wave in lieu of
physical contact handshakes.

Teams are responsible for keeping benches/playing areas clean after play.
Please have any post game meeting outside, so we can allow the next
teams to take the floor. Other guidelines/expectations for all:
*No “camping” or team gatherings in the facility before, after or between
*There will be limited bleacher and fixed seating space. No lawn chairs
in the facility.
* The number of people in the facility will be monitored, and we ask all
players and fans to leave the facility after each game so we don’t reach our
capacity limit of 50%. This shouldn’t be an issue if people leave quickly
after the completion of their game, and don’t arrive too early for the next
game. If we reach capacity, we won’t be able to allow entrance until the
previous fans/teams leave the facility.
*No concession stand, but vending machines will be available for drinks, and
snacks. All outside drinks must have a screw lid. No coolers allowed in the
Salina MAYB wants to welcome everyone to the Fieldhouse, and hope
you have a great day. I know that every area of the state is dealing
with the pandemic in different ways, but please follow the City of
Salina Ordinance on mask usage so we can continue to use this
outstanding facility in the future. For more information about the
Salina Fieldhouse visit:
Thank You,
Salina MAYB Staff

MAYB Salina, KS Mar. 20th (Sat. Only)

Mar 20, 2021
Salina, KS
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