Tournament Note

2022 Indoor Fastpitch Rules REV 11.8.21 mod...70min Bracket

● Tournament uses modified NFHS rules. Pitching and batting follow Federation rules.
● Turn-in insurance certificate copy and verify roster at check-in. 3 gate passes provided
for coaches.
● No player may be on two rosters in the same event, regardless of age group.
● Bracket seeds will be determined by ALL pool games. Record, H to H, Runs Allowed, Coin-flip
● First team listed on schedule will take 3rd base dugout.
● Coin toss before each game will determine the home team throughout the tournament.
● Time Limits
● Pool games- 75 min drop dead- can end in a tie
DROP DEAD- score stands when time expires
● Bracket play- 70 min finish the inning. ITB (International Tie Breaker) will be used
after the time limit or 7 innings. Last completed at bat will take second base.
● Batting - All bats must be a legal fastpitch bat for 2022 with an affiliation stamp.
Penalty- If reported or found before next pitch- Result of play is nullified, all runners return, batter is out
& coach warned/restricted to dugout. Second offense- head coach and player removed from tournament. If not before next pitch, bat removed from the game, coach warned.
● Batting Infinite # w/free defensive substitutions- No DP/Flex Allowed
Use AP’s for additional spots in order, anyone not in the game is considered a sub. Courtesy Runner- - last completed at-bat or anyone not in the game
● Batting 9- DP/Flex Allowed
Courtesy Runner- player not in the game.
Courtesy runner is forfeited if using DP/Flex with no available subs.
● Run Rules - 12 run lead after 3 innings, 10 run lead after 4 innings, 8 run lead after 5 innings
● Home team is the official scorekeeper. Scores should be verified every 1⁄2 inning by the
visiting team.
● Only coaches and players are allowed on the playing field and warm up areas
● Qualified teams for housing policy must be booked through the LSSC housing system within
two weeks of the tournament date. Teams not in compliance will not be removed from the
● Any coach ejected from a game, misses the game ejected from, plus one. Any person
removed by an umpire or director will be subject to removal for the remainder of the
● LSSC CEILING RULE: Balls making contact with the roof in fair play will be deemed a foul
ball. Any fair ball that makes contact with the roof and goes over the outfield fence or into the lighting netting will be ruled a home run.


Sleigh Bell Slammer 14U 16U

Dec 3 - 5, 2021
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