Tournament Note

Dear 3v3 SPLASHERS!...

SCHEDULES for the 3v3 SPLASH TOURNAMENT are online at We are running games on Monday from 8am - 4pm, and EVERY COURT IS FULL during that time! As a result, I will NOT be moving games around. I also will not be moving teams from one pool to another. Teams were placed in divisions based on level of preference at time of registration. For the most part, I was able to keep all gold teams together, all silver together, and all bronze together. There are a few instances where there may be a bronze/silver pool or a gold/silver pool.

PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME POOLS HAVE BRACKET PLAY AND SOME ARE ROUND ROBIN PLAY ONLY! Be sure to check the brackets in the division schedule (not just your team schedule).

UBT WILL OPEN ON MONDAY AT 7:30AM for the 8AM games. All teams need to have adult coaches/supervision on the bench with them at all times. Each court will have a referee, and this is a friendly reminder that any spectator who harasses the referees will be asked to leave the gym area. Please take a look at our Facility Policies and Fan Decorum information on our website at These hold true for all events held at OSA Facilities. Please be sure to share these with your players as well.

RULES - A copy of the rules can be found within your online schedule. For your convenience, it's also right here 🙂.

There is no admission charge for this event. Just a reminder that absolutely NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK is allowed into OSA Facilities. We WILL be running some GREAT CONCESSIONS SPECIALS, including our new WALKIN' TACOS, PIZZA, HOTDOGS and more, so plan to hang out with us for a while!

Looking forward to a MONDAY FUNDAY with you all!

Rachel Blum
OSA Director of Business Operations

OSA 3v3 SPLASH! 2022

Jan 17, 2022
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