Tournament Note


Both Birdsall & Rosetta parks have yet to re-open their snack bars. Both parks have lots of fast food and restaurants nearby but feel free to also come prepared (no alcohol of course). BLD will have their restaurant open

*FORMAT: This is a one-day, Saturday only event so that no one misses the Super Bowl game on Sunday. It will be a speed up format with all ages playing at 1 hr 10 mins (70 mins), no new inning with a 4 inning max. This will allow us to offer all teams a 3 game guarantee. So that no one has to play early and then sit around for hours to know their seeding, we will be awarding prizes based off record from the 3 pool play games. Without a traditional Championship game, all teams that finish 3-0 will be awarded $100 off any future TCS CA tournament.

*In divisions with an odd number of teams, there is 1 team that plays 4 games in order for everyone to play at least 3 games. For the team playing the extra game, the Win/Loss will not count towards their record but it will for their opponent

8u thru 11u will have 1 man umpire crews. 12u thru 14u will have 2 man


Feb 12, 2022
Lake Elsinore, CA • Perris, CA • Temecula, CA
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