Tournament Note

WELCOME TO THE OSA MAYB JUNE JAM! We are glad your teams have chosen to compete with us June 3-4, and we look forward to an exciting weekend of competition! Below is information that will be helpful for your coaches and families. Please be sure to pass it along!

SCHEDULES ARE NOW FINAL! Please be sure you DOUBLE CHECK for all adjustments that have been made.

VENUES: All games will be held at the Union Bank & Sports Complex in Elkhorn, NE and the Iowa West Field House in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Please remember....NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK is allowed to be brought into any OSA Facilities. Concessions will be open during all game times, and we've got some really great choices at both facilities. ALSO...please remember that ONLY COACHES should bring balls into our facilities. This helps to prevent players from leaving / losing their basketballs!

UBT SPORTS COMPLEX PARKING: When the UBT Sports Complex parking lot is full, participants may park in DESIGNATED lots around UBT. UBT PARKING MAP AND INFO -


RULES: Tournament rules can be found within the DOCUMENTS tab of your online schedule.

HOME TEAM is listed first on the schedule, should wear a light jersey, and must provide the game ball.

ROSTERS: A link will be sent to each coach/organization head to complete rosters online. These must be entered by THURSDAY, MAY 31ST AT NOON. If you are an organization head who registered multiple teams, please be sure to get all team rosters entered or send the link to your coaches. Just a reminder on rosters...players may play on more than one team, but NOT IN THE SAME POOL or any pools with cross bracket play. Players may also play up in grade, but they may not play down a grade.

COACH CHECK IN: ALL COACHES WILL NEED TO CHECK IN AT ADMISSIONS prior to their first game. Each coach will receive a wristband for the weekend after signing in. One band per coach; two coaches max per team. WRISTBANDS MUST BE WORN AND SHOWN UPON ENTRY AT EACH VENUE.

SCOREKEEPERS: We will require one parent volunteer scorekeeper per team to keep book and or clock. Scorekeepers MUST BE 18 OR OLDER.

WEEKEND PASS - ADULT (18+) - $25
WEEKEND PASS - STUDENT (6 - 17) - $15

LODGING - If you have not yet booked lodging for your team, please click one of the links below:



DECORUM: Just a reminder that we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for fans, coaches, and players who cross the line regarding referees, opponents, and staff. Our decorum policies are listed in our rules and will be followed without exception. We are all here for the athletes, and disruptive, inappropriate behavior on anyone's part will simply not be tolerated.

Spectator Decorum:
Fans who cross the line and verbally abuse or berate the officials will be removed from OSA and OSA Facilities. If a spectator is removed from an OSA facility, they will not be allowed to return to the facility for the remainder of the tournament. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently from OSA. Like players and coaches, officials will from time to time miss calls, and as a spectator, you do not have the right to admonish or berate officials. We encourage you to simply show up and cheer on your loved one and their teammates. If you do not address the referees, you will have nothing to worry about.

Player Ejections: Any player ejected from a game will need to leave the facility for the remainder of the game AND THE FOLLOWING GAME.

Coaches Decorum:
Only the head coach is allowed to address the official. The assistant coach may not address the officials. If a coach or assistant coach receives a technical foul, the seat belt rule will apply and both coaches will need to sit for the remainder of the game. If a coach receives two technical fouls, they will be ejected, must leave the facility immediately. Ejected coaches will not be allowed to coach the team's next game, and they will not be allowed to return to ANY OSA FACILITY until the FOLLOWING DAY. If an ejected coach has more than one team, they will not be allowed to enter ANY OSA FACILITY or coach ANY TEAM until the FOLLOWING DAY.

OSA MAYB June Jam, sponsored by Pella Windows & Doors

Jun 3 - 5, 2022
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