Tournament Note

Tournament play will adhere to the same playing rules with regard to fielding a team and the continuous batter order. No changes will be made to the pitching rules for tournament play.

During the tournament, the home team will always be the higher seed. i.e. If you are the 1 seed then you will be the home team throughout the tournament with the exception of the championship game. In the first championship game, the home team will be the team from the winner’s bracket. If it goes to a second Championship game then there will be a coin toss by the league coordinator or VP of Harrison for home team determination. The higher seed calls heads or tails.

There can be no ties during the tournament. If time has expired (or 6 innings have been played) and the teams are tied then they will play 1 additional regular inning. If they are still tied then tie breaker rules will be instituted (California Tie Breaker Rule). The batting team will place a runner on second base (the last batted out from the previous inning) and they will begin with 1 out on the board. This will continue until a winner can be declared.

Championship Games will play a full 6 innings with no time limit.

The home team has the official book and will be responsible for entering the scores and pitch counts. Please remember to be checking in between innings to make sure pitch counts match with both teams so there is no confusion when counts are entered.

Credentials to enter in scores and pitch counts
Login is : SPBAScores
Password: Baseball22

2022 SPBA Spring Rec Tournament

May 2 - 25, 2022
Marietta, GA
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