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VISITOR (DARK JERSEYS) - HOME (LIGHT JERSEYS) - If Both teams have the same color jerseys, the Visiting Team must wear Helmet Caps.

Great Plains Youth Football League 2022 Season:

At the Pee Wee Level, we had an odd number of teams, so each weekend of the season there is one team that is playing a double header, with one game on Saturday and one game on Sunday. The extra game is a non-divisional game that won’t help or hurt the teams’ overall record. If you see your Pee Wee Team has a game on both a Saturday and Sunday in the same weekend, then they were the team that was assigned the doubleheader weekend.

The game schedule is for a 5-week regular season. Every team will receive two post-season games. Week #6 Games will be posted on Tuesday, September 27th and Week #7 Games will be posted on Tuesday, October 4th.

This year the only games that will affect a teams’ regular season record in the standings are the games they play within their division. Non-divisional games will not help or hurt a teams’ standings in their division and division standings are what we will use to figure out the post season. We made smaller divisions and more divisions to allow more teams to compete for the league championship at the end of the season at the levels with multiple divisions (Pee Wee, Jr. Midget, and Midget Levels).

Pee Wee & Jr. Midget Levels for the Post-Season: The 8 division winners will be seeded for the playoffs and matchups and home games awarded based on field availability and which team received fewer home games in the regular season. In Week #6, the 4 winners will advance to the semi-finals in Week #7 and all other teams will be matched up against another team from across the league that had a similar record. All teams will receive 2 post-season games unless they opt out of playing.

For Midget Level: The teams will be seeded 1 thru 8 and all teams will make the playoffs. It is a single elimination format, but the 8 teams that lose in Week #6 will receive a game in Week #7 against a team with a similar record. The 4 winners in Week #6 will advance to the semi-finals in Week #7.

The only teams that will play games the weekend of October 15th/16th are the 2 teams from each division that are playing for the league championship.

The schedule will be considered final at this time and if we have to make any changes, then we will contact those coaches directly whose teams are affected.


Great Plains Youth Football

Great Plains Youth Football 2022

Aug 20 - Oct 16, 2022
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