Tournament Note

The ASC Fall League is ramping up for 2022 with games beginning the week following Labor Day. Last season we had more than 150 teams participating across all levels of play. The link to register is HERE. Details are below:

• Classifications. There are three team classifications:
o Open: Established and introductory travel teams
o Gold: All-Star, Select, and second-year rec teams
o Silver: Mixed and first-year traditional rec teams
• Divisions. There are five divisions including 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, and High School.
• Format. Double-headers of two games at 1:20NN with Mercy Rule of 10/8/6 after 3/4/5.
• Scheduling Meeting. All managers will be responsible for scheduling their full season 09/06-11/13) on Saturday, August 27. Time and location to be announced this week.
• Game Schedules. All game scheduling is a function of managerial preference. Managers will have the flexibility to schedule games on weeknights and weekends.
• Locations. Games will be played at participating locations throughout San Diego County. All participating organizations will complete a Field Availability Form.
• Umpires. Home teams are responsible umpire fees in regular season games (e.g. for each double-header, both teams will pay umpire fees for one game). Umpire fees for the post-season tournament are covered.
• Game Results. Managers will be responsible for reporting their scores to TourneyMachine.
• Post Season Tournament. The tournament will run from November 14 through November 19. Seeding will be a function of the regular season standings which will be updated in TourneyMachine. Awards will include rings for Champions and medals for Finalists.

if you have any questions, please feel free to email

ASC Fall League 2022

Sep 6 - Nov 19, 2022
Tourney Machine

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