Tournament Note

Weather Update:
SUN 630AM:
Poway will be ready to go as scheduled

Was supposed to hear from Poway by 6am but nothing yet. We played ball there til almost 10pm last night and forecast looked good overnight so nearly certain fields everything is on as scheduled so plan as such. Will update here as soon as I hear anything.

SUN 530AM:
Good news so far. Santee Sportsplex, the worst park last night, will be ready by game time this morning. Fields won't be 100% perfect but the park said they'll be ready. Haven't heard from other facilities but this bodes well for the rest. Sweetwater said last night at 10pm fields looked great and would reach out on as an needed basis but forecast looked good overnight.

SAT 7PM: We finished pool play at Sweetwater and still playing ball in Poway but Santee was hit hard and late games cancelled. In order to seed playoffs all unplayed games were scored a tie. We'll continue to monitor the rain and field conditions and work close with facilities with the next update most likely coming early tomorrow morning by 6am at the latest

With Santee hit the hardest we have also pushed game times back 30 mins tomorrow morning but in doing so we'll have to play those games 1hr45min (no new inning still) pending the 6am update from the facility

Saturday 3pm:
​There is some light rain forecasted in next few hours but everything is still on as scheduled. Please sign up for Notifications on the Tourney Machine app as this is the fastest way for us to communicate with you should there be a need to.

SEEDING PROCEDURE (First factor is Win-Loss record)
Two Way Tie
1. Head to Head between tied teams
2. Total Run differential
3. Runs Allowed
4. Runs Scored
5. Actual run differential in last pool game
6. Coin Flip

Three (or more) Way Tie
1. Head to Head (if sweep)
2. Total Run differential
3. Runs Allowed
4. Runs Scored
5. Actual run differential in last pool game
6. Coin Flip

RA=Runs Allowed
RS=Runs Scored
LAD=Last Actual Differential

IMPORTANT: Run differential maximum
1. Forfeits will be scored 7-0
2. Maximum run spread per game is 7 regardless of score.
Note: When 3 or more teams are tied and there is not a common opponent amongst all tied teams, run differential is the first tie breaker.
Ties will be counted as a .5 win and .5 loss

19th Annual Fall Classic

Oct 15 - 16, 2022
Bonita, CA • Poway, CA • Santee, CA
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