Tournament Note


All spectator tickets must be purchased prior to the tournament (No transactions at the door!) Use this link to buy tickets (copy/paste into your browser):

Doors at all facilities will remain locked until 30 minutes prior to the day's first games. Do not arrive prior to Fri 4:30pm, Sat 7:30am or Sun 7:30am.

SPRING FORWARD. Remember to set clocks ahead one hour Sat night. Sun morning comes early, BUT later sunset means spring is on the way!

Pool Tiebreakers**
1. Number of Wins, 2. Head to Head result, 3. Total Point Differential (includes all pool games, up to 15 points max per game), 4. Total Points Allowed (includes all pool games), 5. Total Points Scored (includes all pool games), 6. Coin Flip

**Exception for 4-Team Pools shown as bracket: Winner of both pool games is 1st place. For the two 1-1 teams, 2nd place is determined by Pool Tiebreakers above. Loser of both games is 4th place.

Most games streamed live via BallerTV and available for purchase after each game.

2023 Indiana Middle School Basketball Championship

Mar 10 - 12, 2023
Bloomington, IN • Spencer, IN
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