Tournament Note

Coaches & Team Managers, please note the following rules that need to be followed more closely:

Eye Black:
1.10.1 SITUATION E: A1 has eye shade (grease or non-glare strips or stickers) that is (a) a solid stroke; (b) includes words, numbers, logos or other symbols; or (c) extends outside the eye socket or below the cheek bone. RULING: (a) legal; (b) and (c) illegal. In (b) and (c), one-minute non releasable penalty. A1 must adjust the eye shade before returning to play.

No jewelry of any kind is permitted. Religious medals may be worn if they are completely taped to the body (nothing exposed). Medic Alert items can be worn if taped to the body with only the medical information section visible.

2023 GNLL Boys Summer Field League

Jun 12 - Jul 30, 2023
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