Tournament Note


Grade Verification/Check-In Procedures

**Coaches MUST Verify grades/Check-In all players on their roster**
Coaches MUST Check-In BEFORE 1st Game.

(Coaches passes will be at the gate of your first game in your coaches’ packet)

Accepted Verification/Check-In Documents for each Player:
Current Grade Card/ Report Card issued from their school
Photo ID with Current Grade Level
Current Yearbook with Photo
(NO BIRTH CERTIFICATES unless home schooled and Proof of home schooled)

Check In Locations: Check-In BEFORE 1st Game at one of these locations!

Friday, July 28th – 2:00pm until 9:00pm
The UBT Center South or IA West Fieldhouse – All Divisions

Saturday, July 29th – 8:00am until 12pm
The UBT Center South or IA West Fieldhouse – All Divisions

Dear Participant,

Welcome to MAYB Nationals 2023. This is a large tournament. In light of all that happens in youth sports these days we feel it is necessary to place great emphasis on the conduct of all people involved. Hundreds of great people are working this weekend to provide a positive experience for the kids. Please help us make it happen.

Throughout the weekend mistakes will be made. For every great play and buzzer beating shot there will be mistakes. Players will miss shots. Coaches will make bad decisions. Refs will miss calls. We will have a scheduling error or something. How we handle the situation is vital. The number one thing to remember is creating a scene and causing confrontation is not going to have positive results. Please control your actions in all situations!

I have met many great people in the 30 years we have ran MAYB. These people are players, coaches, parents, fans, workers, officials, etc… The one thing they have in common is they love working with and mentoring our youth. We will not let the actions of a few hurt the others.

On the reverse side are a few items we must enforce and need your help with. Please read and provide copies of this to the parents. All of our workers will also have copies of this. We wish to be consistent and your help is greatly appreciated. Let’s all work to make this a great experience!


Greg Raleigh, MAYB President and staff

MAYB Code of Conduct

Support: Cheering for your team is encouraged. Support the kids! Negative comments from stands will result in removal from the gym and possibly the tournament.
Coaches: Coach your players. We will follow NFHS Rules. Only one coach is allowed to stand during a game. If any coach receives a technical you have lost your coaching box and will be required to sit.
Referees: Referees will call the games to the best of their ability. Confrontation with an official will result in removal from the gym and possibly the tournament. They are in charge of the game action!
Profanity: Use of profanity will not be tolerated towards anyone. If you have questions, there will be people to talk to but no one, from players, refs, supervisors, table workers or other fans shall be spoken to in a profane manner.
Court: No one besides players, officials, and coaches are allowed to be on the court at any time during a game. Rushing onto the court will result in immediate removal from the gym and possibly from the tournament. In addition, baseline areas are to be kept from spectators.
Post Game: Any confrontation after a game is complete will be considered an extension of the game and can also result in removal from the entire tournament and can result in forfeits. Please leave the gyms without talking to officials, supervisors, or the other teams. Shake hands at end of game but no negative comments. The court should stay clear of fans.
Pre Game: Fans are not to be on the court. Players are not to shoot during timeouts and such.
Fighting: Any punches thrown results in automatic removal for the remainder of the tournament.

Please don’t allow acting inappropriately to affect the participation of your athletes. We ask that all teams support each other and keep sportsmanship a priority. Head coaches are directly responsible for the actions of your coaching staff, players, and parents.

Grounds for disqualification include, but are not limited to: Non-compliance of MAYB rules, fighting, acting inappropriately towards officials and/or tournament supervisors, excessive profanity, taunting, or causing damage to facilities.

MAYB Omaha, NE Nationals July 28-30

Jul 28 - 30, 2023
Council Bluffs, IA • Elkhorn, NE • Omaha, NE
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