Tournament Note

Dear Coaches/Parents,
Please share this with your entire team before the MAYB National Championships. We are glad to have you at the event and hope you have a great experience. We have a few items that are important to remember. Please read below.

Very important, know your schedule and plan to arrive early. Check the schedule on the tourney machine app before leaving a gym. The tourney machine schedule will have current info and people will be there to help you. If you are unsure of a playing location, please ask the supervisors.

Most importantly! There will be lots of great teams and players present. Please take the time to enjoy all the great talent present. Refs will make mistakes. Coaches will make mistakes. Players will make mistakes. It is all part of the game. Remember to conduct yourself in the proper manner. There is no place for foul language and out of control behavior at this event. Cheer from your team! We do not want to remove players, fans, coaches, etc…. from the event but we will, as needed.

Remember boy’s teams will check in at Chicken N Pickle (1240 N. Greenwich Rd Wichita, KS 67206) from 2pm – 10pm and Skills Competition at The Sports Forum on Thursday afternoon from 1pm – 4pm. There are also other locations for late arrivals but it is best to check in early. Remember, we are grade based and you must provide proof of grade for all players on your roster.

We will send out a roster invite from tourney machine once the schedule has been posted on tourney machine. Please make sure that roster is up to date as it will be used for your check in process as well as your score book.

Review all game rules and remember you will be responsible for a person at the table until the final rounds of the event. With over 950 teams not all things will run exactly as expected so please communicate in the proper manner and have a great time. I am excited to see all the kids on the court.

Greg Raleigh and Staff, MAYB

Grade Verification/Check-In Procedures

**Coaches MUST Verify grades/Check-In all players on their roster**
Coaches MUST Check In BEFORE 1st Game.

(Coaches passes will be at the gate of your first game in your coaches’ packet)
Accepted Verification/Check-In Documents for each Player:

Current Grade Card/ Report Card issued from their school
Photo ID with Current Grade Level
Current Yearbook with Photo
(NO BIRTH CERTIFICATES unless home schooled)
Check In Locations: Check-In BEFORE 1st Game at one of these locations!

Main Check in Site for all Divisions
Chicken N’ Pickle – ALL GRADE DIVISIONS – 2pm to 10pm
(1240 N. Greenwich Rd. Wichita, KS 67206)

FRIDAY, Aug 4th
Last Chance Check in Sites on Friday only!

Wichita Hoops – 1st, 2nd,3rd,4th, 7th,9/10th and 11/12th Grades – 8am to 2pm
Newton High School – 9/10th Grade – 8am to 2pm
Halstead High School – 9/10th Grade – 8am – 2pm
Hesston High School – 9/10th Grade – 8am – 2pm
South Farha Center – 5th and 6th Grades – 8am to 2pm
Wichita Sports Forum –7th Grade – 8am to 2pm
Andover Farha Center – 8th Grade – 8am to 2pm


Support: Cheering for your team is encouraged. Support the kids! Negative comments from stands will result in removal from the gym and possibly the tournament.

Coaches: Coach your players. We will follow NFHS Rules. Only one coach is allowed to stand during a game. If any coach receives a technical you have lost your coaching box and will be required to sit.

Referees: Referees will call the games to the best of their ability. Confrontation with an official will result in removal from the gym and possibly the tournament. They are in charge of the game action!

Profanity: Use of profanity will not be tolerated towards anyone. If you have questions, there will be people to talk to but no one, from players, refs, supervisors, table workers or other fans shall be spoken to in a profane manner.

Court: No one besides players, officials, and coaches are allowed to be on the court at any time during a game. Rushing onto the court will result in immediate removal from the gym and possibly from the tournament. In addition, baseline areas are to be kept from spectators.

Post Game: Any confrontation after a game is complete will be considered an extension of the game and can also result in removal from the entire tournament and can result in forfeits. Please leave the gyms without talking to officials, supervisors, or the other teams. Shake hands at end of game but no negative comments.

Pre Game: Fans are not to be on the court. Players are not to shoot during timeouts and such.
Fighting: Any punches thrown results in automatic removal for the remainder of the tournament.

Please don’t allow acting inappropriately to affect the participation of your athletes. We ask that all teams support each other and keep sportsmanship a priority. Head coaches are directly responsible for the actions of your coaching staff, players, and parents.

Grounds for disqualification include, but are not limited to: Non-compliance of MAYB rules, fighting, acting inappropriately towards officials and/or tournament supervisors, excessive profanity, taunting, or causing damage to facilities.

MAYB Wichita, KS Boy's Nationals Aug. 3rd-6th

Aug 3 - 6, 2023
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