Tournament Note


With all the rain Ohio has gotten over the last few weekends we have missed a lot of games. If you would like to play in one last tournament, I will take the first 30 Teams Only and have a nice little tournament.

Schedule will be done and sent out on WEDNESDAY, October 1st by 8pm. This gives teams the time to sign up if it rains this weekend and they decide they need to get in one last tournament.

I will have limited help on lining the fields in between games but they will be lined to start the day. We will do our best to address any field condition issues. We most likely will only have ONE UMPIRE for most games. We will make the best of it so that our teams get a tournament in.

Ashland's Rainy Weekends Make Up - $425 (Pumpkin Smash/Costume Contest)

Nov 4, 2023
Ashland, Ohio, OH
SportsEngine Tourney

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