Tournament Note

Tournament Rules and General Information:

● Teams should report to the assigned field at least 1 hour before game

● Please provide Proof of Insurance to Tournament Desk prior to your 1st game. There will be a check-in table at all complexes.

● We will also need all additional contact person(s) cell# and email.

Showcase Rules & Regulations

● Home team will be determined by a coin flip prior to the game, conducted by an umpire or tournament official.

● The Home team will be ‘Official Score Book’. All teams must report game scores to the Tournament Desk.

● The 8 Runs Ahead Rule (after 5 inn or 4 At Bats) for All Games.

● NFHS Rules

● Pitching Distance 43’

● Teams may bat a max of 11 Batters per game. ‘No Batting out of turn’

● Unlimited Defensive Substitutions

● Courtesy Runner for Pitcher and Catcher ‘Only’ - A courtesy runner cannot be the same runner for pitcher and catcher. Must be an eligible sub or last batted out.

● Protests - This is a non-protest tournament. Home plate umpire will settle rule disagreements at the time they occur.

● **If Ejected** A Coach or Player Must sit out next game.

2023 Clearwater Fall Classic

Nov 10 - 12, 2023
Clearwater, FL
SportsEngine Tourney

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