Tournament Note

BLD needed more time to get Pawtucket ready this morning so we've been forced to push games back a bit. In doing so we needed to change game times to 1 hr 15 mins for the 13u & 14u teams on this field today.

I'm glad we waited until today to finalize schedules so we didn't release anything early and have to make changes. As we communicated with facilities this morning, which they did an amazing job, we did have to change the format a bit...

Instead of playing 3 (4 inning) games we had to change it to 2 (6 inning games) to utilize the fields available as a few were still questionable. Instead of the 70 minute speed up format, games will now be 1 hr 30 mins (no new inning). All fields scheduled on parks have confirmed and sent pictures and will be ready to go. From what i've heard we may be one of just a few, maybe the only tournament happening.

Again as we thank everyone for playing this weekend and make you aware of the slight format change, instead of only undefeated teams winning this events prize package we would like to give ALL teams a $100 credit good towards our big Memorial Day Championship event held May 25-27th, 2024 back at all these same parks and more. Please just make sure to pencil in by the end of Feb to take advantage of the credit.

(No metal cleats on turf fields at BLD: Yankee & Dodger)
THURS NIGHT...Looks like we've almost hit our max number of teams. We're giving a little bit more time to fill last few spots in older divisions so will start schedules first thing Friday morning. Final deadline for schedules being posted is 3PM Friday but should have them done sooner. Again, thank you to teams for your understanding and flexibility as we waited out the storms.

Thursday Feb 8th 10AM: GOOD NEWS....and some bad news 🙂

Rosetta Canyon & Perris BLD are confident that they can get fields ready so THE TOURNAMENT IS STILL ON. Temecula fields took on too much water so they have had to cancel though. I know alot of teams were waiting for the green light to pay so if you still want in please go online ASAP and pay. Losing Temecula also removed a few 60/90 fields so we're limited on how many 14u teams we can take but hoping we still fit the majority of teams in all younger divisions.

So we can get schedules posted tonight please make payment by 4PM today. We'll also offer a full refund or credit to teams for this weekend too if any rain comes tonight and messes with the facilities amazing job of getting the fields ready so you don't have to worry about getting your money back.

Wednesday Feb 7th: We've delayed schedules until Thursday night as facilities wait for hopefully what is the last storm forecasted tonight. All managers have been included in email updates with more information as we continue to wait. Hopefully better news by noon Thurs

TCS SUPER BOWL SATURDAY (No metal cleats on turf fields at BLD: Yankee & Dodger)

Feb 10, 2024
Lake Elsinore, CA • Perris, CA
SportsEngine Tourney

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