Tournament Note

Comets Tournament Rules

Admission fees: (Under 10 yrs of age are free)

One Day: $20
Weekend: $25

Wristbands MUST be worn to gain entry to all sites. A wristband gets you
into all sites.

• Comets Website all information
• Tourney Sites: Haverford College, Westtown School, Competive Edge & West Chester University

The first team listed (top team on app) on the schedule is the home team and will wear a white/light colored jersey.

Comets will have designated clock keeper at each game, Clock people will do running score and fouls on scoresheets – you are welcome to have a scorekeeper at the table also.

Game Times:
16 minute halves (7th to 11th) ,
15 minute halves (3rd,4th, 5th, 6th)
Clock stops on every whistle.
Half Time – 2 minutes – if games running behind schedule, shorter half.
Foul Shots – 1 and 1 on the 10th Foul !! player gets 6 fouls NO DOUBLE BONUS
Overtime – 1st overtime = 2 minute, 2nd overtime = 1 minute, 3rd/on = sudden death

NCAA Women’s Rules EXCEPT: No quarter play. No shot clock
(10 second in the backcourt applies) 5 second closely guarded on held ball AND dribble
NOTE: 3rd grade bracket A1 - A5 – no press or pressure in the backcourt - pressure can begin
at defensive 3 pt line

3 full timeouts per game. In overtime, there will be one timeout allowed. NO CARRY OVER!

Each team must clean their bench area after each game
Moderator will try to keep games on schedule – shorter warmups, shorter halftimes.
Please be on time for your games. Arrive 15 minutes before. Depart immediately after

36th Annual Comets Tournament

Jun 1 - 2, 2024
SportsEngine Tourney

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