Sarasota Softball

2022 September Slam

Sarasota Softball (330-533-1313)
Sep 23 - 25, 2022


Thank you for registering for this tournament!


If paying by check, please remit payment, payable to SARASOTA SOFTBALL to the following address


Sarasota Softball

5265 Revere Run

Canfield, OH 44406


Also, if you CANNOT play Friday at about 5:15 pm, please add the nominal NF fee of $10; we use this mechanism to allow teams to control whether they play on Friday


We use the nominal NF fee to cover park expenses for Friday


Any teams who do not include the NF fee should expect to be scheduled on Friday


If you CAN PLAY Friday at about 5:15 pm, use the following Promo Code to remove the No Friday fee.




Thank you.