National Fastpitch Alliance

2022 HomeTown Lenders National Championship hosted by NFA powered by BowNet

National Fastpitch Alliance (615-922-0600)
Jul 11 - 16, 2022


FORMAT: Five Game Guarantee (5GG) = Three (3) Pool Games followed by Double Elimination Tournament. Pool games will seed the tournament. 

Camp & All-Star Game: Monday - July 11th, 2022

Tournament:  Tuesday - July 12th to Saturday 16th, 2022


Welcome and thank you for choosing to participate in a 2022  HomeTown Lenders NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Hosted by NFA (National Fastpitch Alliance) powered by BowNet.   Our experienced staff is here to provide assistance.

Daily Admission: $12 per day
Week Long Pass: $40 (Includes entrance to camp sessions on Monday 7/11/2022)
Seniors 62 and up: $35 (must provide ID)
Military: $30 (must provide Military ID)
Children 10 and under: FREE

GAME TIME: Three (3) Pool Games / Double Elimination Bracket; where Pool Games will seed teams into their respective Brackets.


14-18U - 1:40 finish-the-inning games

12U - 1:30 finish-the-inning games

Bracket Play: Seeded off of completed pool games

14-18U - full 7-innings

12U - full 7-innings

DEFINITION OF TIE BREAKER: (BRACKET PLAY ONLY) International tiebreaker immediately following the completion of the (seven innings for 12-18U). Your last batted out will be placed at second base with no outs.

TOURNAMENT RULES: The event will take place under NFHS Rules. NFHS rules use the ASA approved bat list (NO GOLD GHOST ALLOWED). In pool play only, you are allowed to use DP/FLEX, and up to two EP's. In bracket play we will play strictly according to NFHS rules. Courtesy runners are allowed by NFHS Rules.

RUN RULE: We will use NFHS Rules with the following modified exceptions: 6-run rule after 6 innings, 8-run rule after 5-innings; 10-run rule after 4-innings; and 12-run rule after 3-innings.


 All NFA Tournaments will follow NFHS rules: NFHS Rules; unless otherwise specified.

 Pitchers must start with both feet on the rubber (plant foot must start with heel on top of rubber not in front.)

 The pitcher will get 5 warm up pitches per inning.

 No infield meetings after a strikeout has occurred.

 NO METAL SPIKES - Molded cleats and turf shoes are only allowed by the City of Ruston.

 Teams will flip for home team before each game in pool play and bracket.

 Line up cards are to be turned into the official scorekeeper before each game.

 The home team is responsible for keeping the official scorebook.

 ONE ADULT from the visiting team may sit in the press box and keep the score on the electronic scoreboard. (21-years or older)

 Infield will NOT be available before games UNLESS TIME PERMITS.

 Both teams are responsible for ALL FOUL BALLS. Please help us by returning foul balls and game balls to the umpires following each game.

GAME UPDATES / WEATHER ALERTS: Pool and bracket schedules will be posted and updated via Tourney Machine. NFA will provide game updates to all coaches via the website; along with posting information on Social Media and Tourney Machine. Please ensure that you login to both of these.

Twitter Page: @NFAsoftball
WEATHER ALERTS: NFA will provide game updates to all coaches via Tourney Machine; along with posting information on Social Media. Please ensure that you login to both of these.

WEATHER: In the event of inclement weather, we will provide notification of delays / changes / cancellations at our earliest convenience understandably our goal is to get in as many games as possible. Teams must be prepared and recognize that games may be rescheduled, relocated, shortened or changed in order to get as many games in, as necessary. Our priority is to offer travel teams the best opportunity to play showcase games at reduced fees while attracting as many college coaches as possible. In order to ensure this, Teams must understand that the entry fees do not cover all of the necessary expenses in order to host the tournament, thus the maximum refund would be approximately 30% of the entry fee after all prearranged expenses are distributed. If your team plays two or more games no refund will be issued. Ultimately, NFA will do everything possible to play the games and/or make it right as this is critical for the long-term success of our events. NFA shall communicate inclement weather issues and game updates to all coaches via the website; along with posting information on Social Media. Please ensure that you log in to both of these

FEE & REFUND POLICY: Teams playing then 2022 HomeTown Lenders National Championship will pay a $400 Non-Refundable Deposit. This fee is non-refundable regardless of withdrawal from or cancellation of events and is not eligible to be refunded.

TERMS OF PLAY:  By accepting a bid into a National Fastpitch Alliance Event, you are agreeing that your team and accepted teams from your organization will participate only in that event from its start to finish over the specified dates. Should your team or organization choose to participate in other related showcases or tournaments during this time, you will forfeit all remaining games as well as the full showcase fee. National Fastpitch Alliance reserves the right to ban teams or organizations from participating in all future Showcases and/or Tournaments hosted by National Fastpitch Alliance and partnering organizations.

NOTE:  The success of all National Fastpitch Alliance events for its participants requires months of administrative planning, securing fields, hiring umpires, staffing, and purchasing supplies along with all of the other associated production costs. These expenses are incurred regardless of extenuating circumstances. Therefore, it is necessary to have these pertinent refund policies.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Please feel free to contact us should you have issues or concerns. We wish you all the best and hope you enjoy our tournament. Please send email questions, concerns and feedback about any tournament to the NFA email address: or contact your Regional Alliance Director.

DISCLAIMER: NATIONAL FASTPITCH ALLIANCE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR reserves the right to alter any details / rules as it sees fit.