Georgia Basketball Association

GBA National Hoop Series IV Session #1

Georgia Basketball Association (404-429-6353)
Mar 26 - 28, 2021

Welcome to the National Hoop Series presented by The Georgia Basketball Association, a COVID Responsible Event -Safety First! The GBA would like to thank all the great youth basketball programs that are participating in this event & for choosing us for your youth basketball experience. We look forward to providing your organization with an excellent weekend of exciting & competitive youth basketball!  We wish good luck this weekend to all teams! 

Note: The National High School Federation Rules & Regulations will apply to all games with the following exceptions:
1. 4 quarters will be played with normal clock operation (Stop-Time):
a. 2nd Grade thru 5th Grade will play four 6-minute quarters
b. 6th Grade thru 8th Grade will play four 7-minute quarters
c. 9th Grade thru 12th Grade will play four 8-minute quarters
c. Boys 6th Grade and below & all girl teams will play with the 28.5 intermediate basketball
2. 3 minutes will be allotted for pre-game warm up time and halftime. This time may be adjusted at the discretion of the gym director. Games may start ahead of schedule if agreed upon by both head coaches.
3. 4 Timeouts per game (2 Full, 2 30-sec). One additional timeout per team will be allowed for each overtime period. There will be no carry over of timeouts to the two-minute overtime period.
4. Two direct technical fouls on any player, coach, or team representative will result in an immediate ejection from the facility and disqualification for the following game.
5. If a team has a 20-point lead at any point in the game, the clock will run continuously except during a timeout. To resume normal clock operation, the trailing team must shrink the deficit to under 20 points in the first 3 quarters. To resume normal clock operation, the trailing team must shrink the deficit to under 10 points in the 4 quarter.  A team with a 30-point lead is not permitted to press full court.
6. Each Overtime period will be 2 minutes. Each team will receive one time out
7. Each team is responsible for their own warm-up basketballs and game basketballs and/or any other items brought to game. The designated home team will provide the game basketball.
9. A 10-minute grace period will be extended for late-arriving teams, a forfeit will occur after this point.
10. Coaches must have coach’s band placed on wrist at all times, lost passes will need to be purchased.

Roster Rules for National Hoop Series Basketball Tournaments

1. Boys participate at current grade level (age limits apply)
2. Girls participate at current grade level (age limits apply)
3. Proof of age and grade is required.
a. Acceptable Proof of Age: clean photocopies of birth certificates, state-issued ID, adoption documentation, immigration documentation, school documentation, or passport.
b. Acceptable Proof of Grade: clean copy of school issued report card/progress report from current calendar year/semester.
Note: Teams are required to have proof of age/grade upon tournament check-in.
4. Players can play up in grade level, but not down. 
5. Players must remain on one roster and cannot participate on two different teams in the same grade level (regardless if team is in same organization).
6. No roster additions will be permitted after the team has begun play of its first game.
7. Any team violating roster or team rules will be disqualified.
8. Eligibility Protests: Only head coaches are allowed to challenge the legitimacy or eligibility of an opposing player. Fans, parents, and assistant coaches are not allowed to make an official challenge. Challenges must be made immediately after the game, no challenge can be made after 15 minutes. See tournament director for challenge cost.
9. Players who are found to be illegal will result in an automatic loss for that team &  player disqualification from the event; please ensure all players are compliant with the eligibility criteria. If no documents are present for proof of identity, the player in question is disqualified!
10. All Decisions in ALL matters made for the event are at the discretion of the tournament director at the facility in question.

If you have any more questions please contact one of our tournament directors.