Columbia Falls 3 on 3 Tournament

Columbia Falls 3 on 3 Tournament 2022

Columbia Falls 3 on 3 Tournament (406-892-2072)
Aug 13, 2022


2022 Columbia Falls 3 on 3 Basketball Registration

Registration shirt deadline: July 29th

(If received after July 29th, a shirt is NOT guaranteed)

Registration deadline to play: Aug 5th

No Late Registrations Accepted


Team Check In: Friday, Aug 11th 5:00-7:00pm to pick up shirts & brackets at the below tournament location. 

***All teams MUST have at least one representative at check in.*** 

Tournament Day: Saturday, August 13th 2022

First games start at 8:00am

Brackets released on Thursday, Aug. 11th through Tourney Machine

Download the App or Visit the Web browser

Tournament Location: 610 13th Street West, Columbia Falls (in front of the CFHS, parking on west side of the high school)


Team Format:

1.    3 or 4 players per team

2.    All team members must be in the same age bracket or in the bracket of the oldest player.

3.    Each team must have a team captain who is responsible for; attending the captains meeting at 7:15 am on Saturday, ensuring that all players play in each game, their teams are on time for the games, and report winning score to the bracket manager immediately after game ends.   

4.    There will be no changes in the team roster after check in Saturday morning.

5.      Sportsmanship is our top priority.  Inappropriate language, heckling of referees, or any other misconduct can result in you being asked to leave the tournament and/or your team being kicked out. This includes spectators as well.

Tournament Format:

1.     All teams are guaranteed two games.  Not a true double elimination tournament though.

2.    There will be a total of 7 divisions: Boys and Girls grades 5-6, 7-8, 9-12, and only one Open Division (Post High School).

Game Format:

1.    Each game is played for 15 minutes

2.    3-point line counts as 2, all other baskets are 1 point. When a basket is made, the other team gets the ball at the top of the key.

3.    Ball must be passed from the top of the 3 point line to start play.

4.    Rock, paper, scissors will determine who starts with the ball.

5.   In case of a tie at the end of 15 minutes, sudden death play begins. No time outs will be allowed except for injury. First team to score wins the game.                                                               

6.    On any change of possession, the ball must be taken and checked at the top of the key.

7.    Free throws will be awarded on shooting fouls and intentional fouls only. A made free throw will count the same as a ‘made’ basket (all baskets count as 1 point). Fouls outside the 3-point arc will result in 2 free throws. On all other fouls, play will re-start from the top of the key. After free throws are shot there is a change of possession.

8.     Stalling tactics will not be allowed.  On the first offense, a team will be warned.  On any additional offense, the ball will be awarded to the defensive team.

9.    Teams must be ready to play at their designated times.  If a team doesn’t show or doesn’t have enough players 5 minutes after start time, the game is automatically forfeited.

10All teams must play man-to-man defense.

11If a team consists of 4 players, all 4 players must participate.  In case of injury to a player on a 4-player team, the team will be allowed to continue with only 3 players, but no other substitute will be allowed.

12. Player substitutions can be made on a change of possession or free throws.


13If an errant ball comes onto the court, play will immediately stop. Team with possession will take ball to the top of the key and resume play.